Over the past few years, I have set up little workshops/tutorials on various things such as: Freesurfer, Biophysical modeling, GitHub.

DCM Course

Below is a recent 6-part workshop on DCM and general modeling at the BMH. It might be useful! If you do find it useful please let me know! :)

Resting state pre-processing

Below is a talk I gave on pre-processing resting state fMRI at the 2nd Annual meeting for the OHBM Australian Chapter, 2019 Newcastle Australia.

Freesurfer tutoral

Below is a tutorial that Lauren Gascoyne and I prepared at the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Center at the University of Nottingham. This here was a tutorial gearead toward using freesurfer for MP2RAGE like data (here we use the PSIR acquisiton) at 7T.